Chelsey Richard Napoleon
Clerk of Court and Ex-Officio Recorder


Main Phone Number: (504) 407-0000

Chief Deputy
(504) 407-0118


Along the front counter four technical supervisors are available to assist you. If you are processing a pleading or initiating a suit and need special assistance, you may go to the appropriate supervisor for assistance or information.


All Successions and Probate matters, Tutorships, Interdictions, Emancipations, Civil Judicial Commitments, etc., are handled here. In addition, the legal requirements for publishing notices in the Gambit are taken care of at Docket 1.

(504) 407-0047
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Questions involving Writs of Garnishments, Executory Process, Preliminary Defaults, Default Confirmations, Notarial Certificates, Sequestrations, Fifes, Foreclosures, Execution of Judgments, etc., should be addressed to this work station.

Technical Supervisor
(504) 407-0045
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DOMESTIC - Docket 5

Questions regarding Separations, Divorces, Rules for Custody, Name Changes, as well as Suits for Injunctive Relief, Election Suits, and Notarial Commissions should be addressed to this work station.

(504) 407-0046
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This station handles all matters relevant to an appeal.

(504) 407-0057
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The Clerk of Court's office maintains a Registry of Court fund. Litigants often request that the Judge order money to be deposited with the Clerk of Court. The Clerk of Court does not accept or release funds as a fiduciary unless ordered to do so by an Order signed by a Judge. The bookkeeper is responsible for all deposits and withdrawals.

(504) 407-0055
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The Clerk's office divides the responsibility for processing incoming pleadings, indexing them and issuing process according to section of Court. Each section of Court has a Section Head who is responsible for indexing the paperwork of a particular division of Court. If you wish to inquire about the status of any pleading or process, ask to speak to the Section Head for the division of Court to which your case has been assigned.
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All active cases are kept in numerical order in the Record Room.  A record can be requested at the record room counter by filling out a request form. The hard copies of cases which have been completed are stored at the warehouse unless the record pertains to inheritance rights, title to property, or status. The Annex Record Room houses Successions and Domestic Cases from 1918 to 2003.  Please allow for a delay in retrieving any record that is located in the Annex or the Warehouse.

Copying: You may request copies of documents in the Record Room. Certified copies are $3.00 per page and uncertified copies are $1.00 per page.

You are entitled to three free copies of any dispositive judgment rendered if you are a party to the proceeding and the request is made contemporaneously with the signing of the judgment.

You may request certified copies of documents at the Record Room counter or at the appropriate section head station.

Record Room
(504) 407-0036


Deputy Clerks are available in the Record Room to provide factual information from case records over the telephone.  Information such as the date of a hearing, whether an answer has been filed, etc., can be obtained by calling.
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