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An Online Records subscription will give the user access to all records systems maintained by the Clerk of Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans. An Online Records subscription will include:

      Clerk's Office data entry and images from 12/14/15 forward and images back to 2010
      Clerk's Office data entry information from 1985
      Land Records index from 2/18/14 forward and images from 2005
      Mortgage index from 9/21/1987 through 2/14/14
      Conveyance index from 1/1/1989 through 2/14/14

The user will also have the ability to request images not already present.

Subscription Costs - 24 Hours = $20.00, Monthly (30 days) = $100.00, Annual (365 days) = $ 700.00

NOTE: Land Record System Accounts requested during non business hours will be processed the next business day.

Escrow Accounts

Separate Escrow Accounts must be maintained in order to print or download images in the Remote Access and Land Records systems. Escrow Accounts for the Civil Remote Access system can be enabled and funded on the Account Maintenance page of the subscription.

For information and application for Land Records Escrow Account click Here

To subscribe to Online Records click Here

You may also subscribe by coming to the Clerks Office at the address below:

Clerk of Civil District Court
421 Loyola Avenue, Room 402
New Orleans, LA 70112

The office is open Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Although not maintained by the Office of the Clerk of Civil District Court, the records of 1st City Court are made available to the public through the Civil Online Records. Should you have any questions regarding this information please call the Clerk of First City Court: (504) 407-0400.

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