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Civil Division


Civil District Court is a court of general civil jurisdiction. In every Parish except Orleans there is one District Court with Civil and Criminal jurisdiction. In Orleans Parish, the Civil and Criminal District Courts are legally distinct and located in separate buildings. The Clerk of Civil District Court is located on the 4th floor of 421 Loyola Avenue. All suits, pleadings, exhibits, wills, promissory notes, etc. pertaining to actions initiated or pending in the Civil District Court are filed with the Clerk of Civil District Court. In Orleans Parish, the Mortgage Office, Conveyance Office, and Notarial Archives are part of the Clerk's Office.


Monday through Friday
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


The New Orleans Advocate as Official Journal of Clerk of Civil District Court’s office Effective August 1st.

After Hours Filing

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Fax Filing

Filing Fees

General Info & Jurisdiction

Legal Interest Rates

Rules of Court


The Clerk's Office has an employee on call from 5:00 PM to midnight, on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.  After hours filings and filings on holidays must be limited to cases which urgently need to be filed, i.e., Injunctions, Sequestrations, suits which will prescribe, etc.   Please call (504) 407-0000.  You will be connected with the answering service who will contact the employee on call.


The Clerk's Office provides commonly used forms to the public. (These forms are now available for downloading from this website. Click here for the download site.) The forms are grouped as follows:

  • (1) Docket 1 -- Successions
  • (2) Docket 4 -- Writs and Seizures
  • (3) Docket 5 --Domestic
  • (4) Appeals
  • (5) New Suits
  • (6) Trial Dockets
  • (7) Default Judgments

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The Clerk's Office accepts filings through facsimile. In accordance with LSA-R.S. 13:850 the following must be received within seven (7) days, exclusive of legal holidays, for the facsimile filing to have full force and effect:

  • (1) The original signed document.
  • (2) All applicable filing fees must be enclosed with the original.
  • (3) An additional $5.00 facsimile transmission fee must be enclosed for each document transmitted plus an additional $2.50 per page for transmissions in excess of two (2) pages.
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The Clerk of Civil District Court charges non-refundable filing fees. The current fee schedule is provided below. Filing fees are established by the Court sitting En Banc. Parties seeking to litigate without payment of these fees may do so by applying to proceed "In Forma Pauperis". The pauper form must be filled out.

Click here to view our Fee Schedule

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